The Gundam Boys GO TO HELL!!!
Starter Fic in the "GO TO HELL!!!" series, another fine series of insanity from ^o,o^
Written By Neko Athena^o,o^
Rating: PG (violence, language, reverences to the Eternal Lake of Fire, the normal levels of dementia usually obtained in any ^o,o^ fic....)
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Duo "Where the hell IS IT??!!??"

Qua. "Calm down, Duo... Where did you leave it last?"

Duo, clenched teeth "If I knew where I left it, it WOULDN'T be LOST!!!!"

Hee. "*sigh* Just forget about it. You'll live without it."

::A non-braided Duo continues to fling objects out of his dresser and over his shoulder. The other Wing Boys, who are standing in the room behind him, dodge the flying paraphernalia. He has already destroyed his room utterly; pictures lie broken on the floor, the curtains are hanging only by a few threads from their lopsided rods, and the mattress and box spring of his bed are propped in the corner, stuffing spilled everywhere from their gaping wounds.::

Duo “I SWEAR TO SHINIGAMI, if I find out that one of YOU took it, YOU WILL ALL PAY...”

Wu. “Why don’t you just take this like a MAN, Maxwell? Yuy is right, you’ll live.”

Duo, turns "I might... But the question is, will ANY OF YOU!?!?"

::Having emptied the drawer and the entire dresser, Duo stomps out of the room to begin on the hall closet. Brushing his chestnut mane out of his face, he yanks open the door... and is promptly buried by an avalanche of junk. The others watch him try to stand, cursing colorfully, and just as he re-obtains a vertical base, a large, metal bucket rolls off the top shelf of the closet and lands squarely on his head.::


::Angrily, Duo rears back and gives the bucket a viscous kick. Suddenly, there is an ominous clap of thunder...::

^o,o^ -(I hope everyone understands!! Well, I think this series will be a fun side-track from all those angsty fics and sad, romantic fics out there. Remember, you can write about any series, this is just to get you started with a little inspiration. Well, everyone, it’s up to you now!!! Later!!)


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