How to contact Lilly?

If you like to contact me about anything regarding on anything on my site. Or if you want me to host any of your fan fics or fan art please email me at

Make sure you have this information in subject line!
1) For Fan Fics--> "TS's Fan Fic Hosting?"
2) For Fan Art--> "TS's Fan Art Hosting?"
The reason for this is that I do sometimes get junk mail in my email account and I don't want to delete your email by accident! Thanks^.^

Or check out the message board!
Please people I'm begging you all to start up a topic or subject and get my message board back alive again! I've already have some topics started!

Other ways to contact me (I do prefer you email me first!)
AIM: lilly peacecraft (please say who you are before you add me)
msn: (please say who you are before you add me)