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I choose this lovely layout of Sailor Moon to help celebrate tsukiyama-sama's 6th anniversary! I felt that Sailor Moon holds a deeper meaning to my website and me. This lovely story that was written and drawn by Naoko Takeuchi was what got me into the world of art and Japanese comic (manga) and animation (anime). If it wasn't for Naoko Takeuchi I really don't think tsukiyama-sama would ever come to be. So I felt it was right to feature Sailor Moon for tsukiyama-sama's 6th anniversary! To read more about tsukiyama-sama and its history please check out the about page! Please enjoy your stay!

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All new updates have been moved over to "Tsukiyama-sama's Websites Update News"


posted by Lilly-chan on 2009, 1 FEBRUARY

I'm updating to say that there will not be any updates during December 8th, 2008 - January 1st, 2009. I will be on my X'mas vacation then.

What's NEW for the site?
Opened "Yoake no katana (Sword of Dawn)... A Takezo Kensei/Adam Monroe fanlisting" and updated my fanlistings page on the network page.

That's it for now!

posted by Lilly-chan on 2008, 7 DECEMBER

Wow I really can't believe that tsukiyama-sama is turning 6 years old (November 13, 2002)! It just feels like I just open the website like yesterday. tsukiyama-sama has gone through alot in the pass few years and I'm glad its made it this far and I hope for many more years.
As you may have notice there is a new layout! I really wanted to change the layout for a long time now and what perfectly timing. I found this lovely layout off Day Dream Graphics (again ^.^ I love the layouts that are posted there) and I felt that she would be a perfect choose. (Read above about why I choose this layout). Also I'm happy that I have a great place for the tagboard (which is towards your right under the navi ^.^)

posted by Lilly-chan on 2008, 9 NOVEMBER